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Contract Manufacturing & Services

• New Custom Product Formulating and Pilot Test Runs
• Particle size analysis using dynamic light scattering techniques
• Microscopic pictures for proof of suspension and particle dispersion
• Pre-clinical discovery and development of Clinical trials
• Strategic planning
• Custom product formulation
• Fast turnarounds and excellent customer service
• Regulatory affairs and FDA compliance issues
• Private Labeling and Licensing


“The NanoSynergy® logo on your packaging is a statement of state-of-the-art nanotechnology.”



Since I have been using the Spray For Life B-12 spray I have felt so much more energy! I use the treadmill every day. Sometimes, I have to use the treadmill at night and have been tired before I start. I have sprayed B-12 and after a few minutes feel so much more energy.

This product has also greatly helped me in my ministry, as I travel so much. It has provided so much extra energy as I minister to so many people. It is truly an outstanding product! My wife has used the product too and it has greatly increased her energy.

Taking this product is so much better than having to take B-12 shots. It also gets into the system so fast as you spray it into the mouth. I highly recommend this product! God Bless!"

Rev. Walker