The First Breakthrough Nutraceutical Nanotechnology Process Patented in United States Patent & Trademark Office - Creates Unmatched Nutritional Supplements and Other Health Products


“The combination of applied Nanotechnology with any compound, molecule, mixture or fluid to result in an end product of smaller particle size to yield greater efficiency, efficacy, activity or penetration without altering its atomic, molecular or chemical structure”.

For those individuals seeking the health benefits provided by supplementation, you may realize that there are many factors which are required to digest, assimilate What is Nano? Nano droplets...and ultimately absorb the vital nutrients essential for life. Many supplements fail to meet these requirements, especially when it comes to absorption. It is not that simple, according to numerous doctors who specialize in nutrition. You are not just what you put into your mouth, nor are you the supplements you take, according to the specialists—you are what you ABSORB.

The challenges of ABSORPTION problems have now been SOLVED by Nano-Synergy's innovative breakthroughs using its patented liquid nano-formulation technology.

Delivering vitamins and nutrients through Nanotechnology has many benefits...

Small Doses
This innovative and Patent Approved Nanofludization Process incorporates NanoSyzed nutrients into natural solutions, which are then dispensed through a NanoMist® spray delivery system.
Rapid Results
Nutrients are available within a matter of minutes from taking one of our great tasting, fast-acting sprays.

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Our #1 Goal for our Consumers is to create the most advanced premium supplement line on the market today. This is accomplished by utilizing our cutting edge Nanotechnology.

Our #1 Goal for our Retailers and Private Label Partners is to maximize your profits and provide exceptional service & support.

Our #1 Goal for Industry Licensing Clients is to provide you with state of the art Nanotechnology that makes your formulation and product stand out from the crowd.

Product & Customer Benefits


Retailer Benefits

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CheckHighest Quality Ingredients   CheckSubstantial Opening Order Discounts
CheckBest Absorbed Supplements   CheckOn-Going Volume Discounts
CheckBest Tasting Liquid Supplements   CheckNational Advertising and Promotion
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*Ask about our custom Private Label programs. We also welcome inquiries about Custom Formulation (including NanoSyzing? your existing formulations)

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Since I have been using the Spray For Life B-12 spray I have felt so much more energy! I use the treadmill every day. Sometimes, I have to use the treadmill at night and have been tired before I start. I have sprayed B-12 and after a few minutes feel so much more energy.

This product has also greatly helped me in my ministry, as I travel so much. It has provided so much extra energy as I minister to so many people. It is truly an outstanding product! My wife has used the product too and it has greatly increased her energy.

Taking this product is so much better than having to take B-12 shots. It also gets into the system so fast as you spray it into the mouth. I highly recommend this product! God Bless!"

Rev. Walker