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Bullet Company Overview

NanoSynergy Worldwide is scientifically driven, specializing in the development and production of health & wellness products utilizing its patented solubilization process. Nanofluidization overcomes the major obstacles associated in the delivery of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and over-the-counter products due to limited bioavailability and poor solubility of the active compounds. With its core focus in nano-structured liquids, the active ingredients (post-processing), allow for improved absorption and enhanced bioavailability of water and oil insoluble substances.

Perfecting the science for:

  • faster onset of action
  • increased absorption
  • increased bioavailability
  • increased cellular penetration, activity & function
  • lower dosing can be utilized for effectiveness
  • eliminate the first pass taxation to liver and kidneys
  • solubilization
  • particle size to nanometers
  • nanosuspensions
  • problems relating to poor delivery
  • addressing the difficulty in swallowing (40% of the adult U.S. population alone, not including children), assimilation and absorption of pills, tablets, and gelcaps.

Bullet The First Commercially available Nutraceutical Product
utilizing Nanotechnology

NanoSynergy Worldwide has developed a broad line of intra-oral spray products under its own branded label - Spray For Life®, as well as private labeling utilizing our Nanofluidization technology.

We have developed the first commercially available nutraceutical product that utilizes this breakthrough Nanofluidization technology. This innovative delivery system is designed to assist consumers with swallowing difficulties associated with pills, stomach upset, and absorption limitations.

NanoSynergy Worldwide is a motivated organization with extensive experience, and is passionate about delivering affordable quality products to humans and animals throughout the world.

Bullet Other services we provide:

NanoSynergy Worldwide is aggressively seeking companies and partners that are interested in capitalizing on this innovative technology.

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Toll Free: (877) NSW-NANO (679-6266)




Hi Russell,

Just a quick note to let you know that I was thinking of you and have some wonderful news re: Christopher's Vitamin. D-3 and Calcium levels are awesome!

If you recall, Christopher is my godson and recently had a bone marrow transplant. His D and Calcium were dangerously low and you formulated a Calcium spray for him …which he has been using w/ the Spray For Life D-3 spray.

He recently had his levels checked, at Boston Children's, against the dangerously low baseline levels from July and he is doing great!

His mother, Tracey, will be sharing the news with her medical team in Ft. Lauderdale as they were interested to find out the efficacy of the spray supplements.

All wonderful news!

I am so genuinely grateful for your kindness and generosity and my hope is that Christopher's example will provide substantiation of your amazing products.

Tracey has your contact information and may be in touch soon.

God Bless!

Since I have been using the Spray For Life B-12 spray I have felt so much more energy! I use the treadmill every day. Sometimes, I have to use the treadmill at night and have been tired before I start. I have sprayed B-12 and after a few minutes feel so much more energy.

This product has also greatly helped me in my ministry, as I travel so much. It has provided so much extra energy as I minister to so many people. It is truly an outstanding product! My wife has used the product too and it has greatly increased her energy.

Taking this product is so much better than having to take B-12 shots. It also gets into the system so fast as you spray it into the mouth. I highly recommend this product! God Bless!"

Rev. Walker